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The teachings of the Lord Buddha are known as Dhamma in Pali or Dharma in Sanskrit. One of their characteristics is that they are " ehipassiko" which means " come and see" , that is, they invite your examination. We have prepared a selection of Dhamma related material for your perusal. If you are new to the Theravada form of Buddhism, you might like to start with the Overview.


A Brief Overview of the Theravada Teachings. A summary of the three aspects of training; morality, meditation and wisdom.

Dhamma Summaries

The Dependent Origination

The Noble Eightfold Path

The Four Foundations of Mindfulness

The Seven Factors of Enlightenment

The Thirty Two Parts of the Body

The Supreme Blessings

The Buddha's words on Nibbana

The Five Precepts Defined

Meditation on Death

Miscellaneous Essays

A Note on Nirvana By Kema Ananda

Yogin's Bread. Kema Ananda's recipe for a delicious loaf of home-made bread spiced with practical Dhamma teachings.

Wheel of Life Image-mapped painting with pop-up commentary.

Letters from Mara Giving the devil his due

The Soul in Buddhism Philosophical look at Buddhist metaphysics and ontology

Climate Change, a Buddhist analysis of causes and conditions. A paper presented at the Buddhist-Catholic Monastic Conference 2008. These papers were presented in pairs; the Catholic paper presented alongside mine was ; The World as Created, Fallen and Redeemed by James A. Wiseman, O.S.B.

The Four Protective Meditations The traditional practises recommended by the Buddha for the overcoming of all negative influences, external and internal.

Formless Abidings. Instructions for a meditation progressing through the four formless states.

Buddhanusati The meditative practise of recollection of the Buddha.

The Box, A Short Story by Punnadhammo. What happened to the boy who lived in a box.

Origins and Decline An Essay in Buddhist Cosmology.

Abhidhamma I A Beginner's Overview.

Abhidhamma II Chart of the Eighty-Nine Types of Consciousness.

Faith in Buddhism The Place of the Faith Faculty in Buddhist Practise.[vajrasattva]

Kamma as Natural Law

True and False Skepticism

The Three Supreme Knowledges of the Buddha

Two Universes a comparison of eastern and western cosmological models and their spiritual implications.

A Buddhist Interpretation of Tolkien a look at the spiritual symbolism underlying the Lord of the Rings.

The Mystery of the Breath Nimitta An essay by Bhikkhu Sona concerning the proper understanding of the counterpart sign in Mindfulness of Breathing.

The Divine Abidings The Four Skillful Emotions Explained

My Mind A poem by Mettayodho (Jamie Latham) completed after his one-month retreat

Toronto Star Columns

Punnadhammo's contributions to the Toronto Star's religion page. Buddhist commentary on modern life. Go here for complete listing.

Book Reviews

Buddhism Without Beliefs Agnostic Buddhism critiqued.

Forest Recollections History of Forest Monasticism in Thailand.

Pali Chanting for Downloading and Printing

Note: These chants are unformatted text files. (Translations included.) The key-map of the Normyn Pali fonts has been used. These are the fonts used by the free on-line Tipitika project. To use these chants you must;

(1) download and install the Normyn fonts available free from Nanda Online Dhamma (non-English) . Here is the Italiic Equivalent. These appear to be PC only.

(2) install the fonts, load the chant into your word processor, change the font to Normyn and add any formatting you wish.

Anicca Vata Sankhara Alas! Impermanent are all compounded things. Traditional funeral chant.

Anumodana. Chanting by bhikkhus upon receipt of offerings.

Bahum. Verses on the Buddha's wholesome victories.

Bojjhango. Enlightenment Factor Protection. Traditionally, a healing chant.

Mangala Sutta. The Thirty-Eight Highest Blessings, a chant of thanksgiving.

Pharitvana mettam. Calling the devas, traditionally opens a session of paritta chanting.

Itipi So. Recollection of the Triple Gem.

Karaniya Metta. The Buddha's words on loving-kindness.

Pervasion with the Divine Abidings Sending Loving-Kindness etc. to the Four Directions.

Atanata Paritta Praise to seven past Buddhas.

Morning Chanting in Pali and English Short form, as chanted in monasteries of the Amaravati tradition.

The Five Precepts Lay precepts and refuges.

The Eight Precepts. The renunciate precepts and refuges.

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